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Google Gothic is the gothic geared engine from creators of the very famous and was supposed to be available as gothic version of powerhouse which Google presently is. The main web search site was actually registered in the year 2001 and since then, it has been under development and maintenance. This simple means that the website does not work currently.

Created for and by the Gothic aficionados, the Google gotik is an excellent destination to know more about gothic fashion, trends, art, vampires and almost everything linked with Gothic topics. It is imperative to keep in mind that the search results are not altered to the site specifically, and that you will not get just the goth results.

The Google Gothic has dark theme and provides a relaxing homepage where you can find general Google search results. The dark page highlights the suggestive picture of dark moon with bats. This is something simple and does not offer over Gothic feel.

The Gothic Google provides users amazing results in just a flash. This way, they don't need to wait for loading much and there are not much background images or advertisements. All you need to do is to just type your keywords and thus in a fraction of second, you will see results on your computer screen. There is no fuss or complication while using this search engine.

The idea behind Google gotik stems from making a Goth lifestyle search engine which would be strong and effective enough to offer threat to the capabilities of other top search engines on the World Wide Web. So the name Googoth is supposed to offer people an idea that this search engine is the main Google Goth engine.

In order to use the features of this search engine, you don't need to be a Goth or Gothic fan. The best part about it is that it is readily open for all. So what are you looking forward to? Just try it once and you will see that you get amazing results in Gothic theme. In fact, it is the same Google that you love but just with more relaxing background.

Another fantastic quality about Google Gothic is that it is easily available in other languages like Spanish and thus it is gaining wide popularity among the Goth fans and other Internet users. This feature keeps the search engine ahead of other boring monolingual graphics and text that offers results with too much of advertisements. This takes away all the flavor of simplicity and so a large number of people all across the globe like to enjoy the services of Google.

The site's multilingual interface allows carrying out research and browsing in various languages. This is done by using Google's output style and algorithms. However the most fascinating part of this Gotik search engine is that the results are offered from nearest possible Google servers.

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