Flag Of Hate (Indonesian Gothic/ Metal band)

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Flag Of Hate is a Gothic/Metal band from South Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in March 2006 with new Line-up ::
- Wild (The Beast Growl/Scream),
- Adie (The Rhythm 6 Strings),
- Mizthree (The Keys/Female Voice),
- Jeppy (The Beat),
- Teke' (The Lead 6 Strings)
- Dodid (The Low 4 Strings)
Their influences are Nightwish, Cradle Of Filth, Abigail Williams, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc.

About ::
Flag Of Hate is the band's gothic/ metal from South Jakarta. Formed in March 2006. By the early formation, Wild (The beast Growl/ Scream), Adie (The Rhythm 6 string), C'dick (The Low 4 Strings) and Popo (The Beat) by genre Dark/ Nu Metal. But several months later, because in a sense there is less sound. Flag Of Hate then decided to recruit Mizthree (The Keys/ Female Voice) to add elements of synth sounds, piano, strings and weird effects and Thobenk (The Lead 6 Strings) to add the element of melody.
With this formation, Flag Of Hate successfully won several band festival in Jakarta. But at the end of 2007, Thobenk decided to quit because of busy life in college. Guitar positions were replaced by Popo and Drum position replaced by Jeppy (Compatriot) that makes sound Flag Of Hate to be the more quickly follow the beat of the bass drum. At this point Flag Of Hate decide to change the genre into Gothic/ Metal.
With the growing breadth of influence of each personnel, is created masterpieces such as the Tale from the Dark Side, Eternal Madness, Diantara Kegelapan and Flag Of Hate's other songs. With this formation, Flag Of Hate successfully reached the Top 100 bands of Jakarta in the "LA Lights Indiefest 2008". After a lot of events featuring the event in Jakarta and Depok. Flag Of Hate also been featuring in the event "A Mild Live Wanted "in Bogor.
Flag Of Hate The struggle has not ended, in mid-year 2009 positions Popo replaced by Teke' (Forgen) are increasingly making sound Flag Of Hate to be very unusual in exploring the character and skill that is much better than before. They tried to incorporate the piano clinking sound dark, gloomy gothic strings with elements of the magnificent orchestra, and voices of women in Collaborate with thunderous roar of male voices of anger, hatred, death, which can heat the cold atmosphere in the match by a thick guitar sound, full-speed tempo power and cuts the strings melody that makes the sound become very high quality and character. Having undergone several personnel changes, the position C'dick who resigned in late April 2010, replaced temporarily by Dodid (Friendz).
Flag Of Hate spirit will continue to flare accompanying the indie scene Gothic/ Metal Indonesia!

Booking Contact ::
Jl. Kertamukti Pisangan Barat, Cirendeu - Ciputat.
Booking Contact :
- 021 996 193 77 (Adie)
- 0856 178 2718 (Mizthree)
Email :

Add us ::

Link Flag Of Hate's songs ::
Eternal Madness
Tale From The Dark Side (Top 100 bands Jakarta "LA Lights Indiefest 2008)
Diantara Kegelapan (acoustic version)
Live Perform
FLAG OF HATE live at Jakarta Expo (JAPEX) 2008 PRJ Kemayoran
FLAG OF HATE live at Depok Youth Fest 2009
FLAG OF HATE live at Distorsound Lounching Compilation Rossi Music Center Jakarta 2009
FLAG OF HATE live at Subang Metal Fest 2010 (Eternal Madness)
FLAG OF HATE live at Subang Metal Fest 2010 (Stargazers - Nightwish cover)
FLAG OF HATE live at Garut Metal Fest 2011 (Stargazers - Nightwish cover)
FLAG OF HATE live at Melody Maker's 7th years concert (Hampa)
FLAG OF HATE live at Melody Maker's 7th years concert (Dark Chest Of Wonders - Nightwish cover)
FLAG OF HATE live at JIEXPO Music Concert PRJ Kemayoran (Revolusi Dosa)

The Gigs

Update info Asian Compilation "Sounds Of Anastasya" & "Menembus Batas"

Flag Of Hate (Indonesian Gothic/Metal) live at Konser Musik JIEXPO PRJ Kemayoran - Revolusi Dosa. With Edane & Netral..

Schedule FLAG OF HATE ::
- Thursday, 23 June 2011. "Konser Musik JIEXPO Jakarta Fair 2011" at Main Stage Pekan Raya Jakarta, Kemayoran. With NETRAL, EDANE, and more bands..
Be there HATERS! \m/ Thanks a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Keep support our madness! \m/

Anonymous said...

music menjerit tanpa batas, berlantun tanpa kertas menuai kebebasan berexzpresi di bumi pertiwi. jngan ragu putar otak mu tuk muntah kan karya" baru nan dahsyat di comunitas hitam' bersatu. serba satu, 1 jiwa,1 warna, 1 harapan, 1 semangat,1 kedamaian tanpa bedakan ras. salam 666

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