What is Doom Metal?

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Doom metal is another genre within the metal music tree of life. Like every other genre of music, everything depends on the instruments, the development and style of the music to classify it. The guitar tuning, speed and the distortion is what separates doom metal from almost every other metal music. Doom metal songs and lyrics have a lot to do with death, fear and misery. Most of these metal music bands follow this trend.Doom Metal Vocals Most of the doom metal vocals possess a clean feel. Some band will give out a scream here and there within their music. Some great vocalists that enhanced this characteristic are Bobby Lebling and Ozzy Osbourne. Like any other kind of music, other bands will have different ways to do things. You will discover the high pitched screams with a mix of growl vocals.Doom metal songs are structure with different aspects of their life. One of the most popular emotions they sing about are depression, anger, death, fear and sorrow. However, there is always two sides of the story. Other bands sing about symbolism, inspiration from literature and religion, which inspires them in life.Instruments Like the majority of musical bands, the structure of the band is comparable.. The band consists of drums, bass guitar and electric guitars. You can even through a keyboard in the mix. To get the guitarists, bass guitarists and low distortion will tune their instruments several notes less than the standard. This method gives them a dark and unsettling sound. The bass guitar would have a heavier sounding bass to its sound. Adding more bass to the music gives it more of a dark sound. The drummer would add to this. Playing a double bass drums or double bass pedal to the mix.Sub Genres of Doom Metal You may also find different styles and features in the sub genres of doom metal music. Their music has the same feel, however with another twist to it. This is a list of the various sub categories of doom metal music. Traditional Doom MetalEpic Doom MetalStonerSludge MetalDeath DoomBlack Doom MetalI'm going to be posting another post regarding the doom metal sub genres soon. Like any other type of music there will also be that different style in each genre. The genre will continue to produce other styles and features of doom metal later on.

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