EXALEIPS! Brutal Death Metal Band From Indonesia

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Genre ::
Slamming Brutal Death Metal

Members ::
Illiyun - Vocal

Emir - Guitar

Kurniawan - Guitar

Andri - Bass

Tezar - Drum

Hometown ::
South Tangerang. Indonesia

Description ::
Track list: -Malapetaka Dunia Fana
-Putrefaction Of Insane (Prepair Record)

Biography ::
From the desire to play music. Kurniansyah (guitar) invites friends to make the band: Tezar (drum), Wisnu (bass), Kurniawan (guitar), Iliyun (vocal). genre hardcore and named Tomorrow Never Came. soon thereafter Kurniansyah resigned because he had to move to Depok. Our personel had only four. Kurniansyah shortly afterwards replaced by the Emir. after getting the new band's personnel changed the genre into SLAMMING BRUTAL DEATH METAL. and Iliyun proposes to change the name of his band. finally all agreed the band was named EXALEIPs, the band has gone on long enough Wisnu removed because he was busy with other bands and his final position was replaced by Andri. now EXALEIPs new line up: Iliyun (vocal), Emir (guitar), Kurniawan/ Kucuy (guitar), Andri ( bass), Tezar (drum) (read less)

General Manager
Illiyun :+6285718383056

Press Contact:

Influences ::
Waking The Cadaver, Ingested, Bleeding Corpse, Devourment, Internal Bleeding, Turbidity

Band Interests >
Slamming Brutal Death Metal

Website ::

Video ::


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