How to Be a Christian Fan of Black Metal

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If you are religious, but are a fan of true Norwegian Black Metal it can be hard for you. Black Metal can be very anti-religious. This article will help you to be respected as a Christian in the black metal scene.
  1. Respect everyone's opinion.
  2. DO NOT come on to youtube or whatever and say "Oh I like ______ but they have a bad message" That will get you nothing but hate. There are no good or bad themes.
  3. Concentrate on the contemplative and historical themes of Black Metal rather than the anti-religion themes.
  4. Try to listen to the black metal bands that have a message that's not 100% anti-christian themes such as Burzum, Behemoth and Immortal. Immortal has NO anti-christian themes.
  5. NEVER EVER preach. Don't push your beliefs on anyone in Black Metal. They hate it.
  6. Respect the artists, even if you don't agree with all of their beliefs.
  7. Look at the beauty of Black Metal. There is so much of it.
  8. Listen for the message of the music. In BM bands, usually only one out of twenty songs are anti-Christian. They are smart people who like to have smart themes.
  9. There are a number of Christian black metal bands out there. Examples include Antestor, Crimson Thorn, Horde, Crimson Moonlight, Frost Like Ashes, Admonish, and more. Be advised, such bands are highly despised by the broader BM scene.
  • Be civil to all Black Metal fans. They appreciate it if you're not saying their favorite artists will burn in hell. =]
  • If you have a Black Metal band, It's easy to be true to the genre without being anti-religion or satanic. Look at Immortal. Look at most of Burzum's songs.
  • Remember, it's ok to have friends that think differently than you. Have Christian, atheist, satanist and pagan friends. Its easy to do as long as you do not judge.
  • Try to also understand why most of the Black Metal community dislikes religion. It will aid you in accepting it.
  • Some fans may still have disdain towards you.

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