Death Metal Reverence

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The World of Death Metal

In all the genres of metal music there is one called Death Metal. Death Metal is another style or type of metal music. Can also be concidered to be a division of heavy metal music. Death metal also has sub genres of metal music. The style of death metal has different elements, like deep growling vocals, double bass drumming, heavy distorted guitars and various tempo changes with complex song structures. This began the new metal music genre.

Death Metal Beginning

Death metal come from pieces and elements of thrash metal. The growth of this genre started to inspire people in the mid 1980s. The first bands that started this genre were Kreator, Celtic Frost and Slayer. Celtic Fronts is know as the father of death metal, he was a member of Celtic Frost. Some bands began to rise, like Possessed and Morbid Angel.

Complex Metal Music

Death Metal music usually has 5 people to a band, two guitarists, bass guitarist, drummer and singer. They all have different styles of play. The guitarists have downturned guitars and the drummer has a double bass pedal or kick drums. They have a very fast tempo of music, with insane guitar riffs and bass beats. The singer will put growls, snarls and grunts in their music to match the distortion. These different vocal sounds have always been a purpose of death metal's expression of lyrical content.

Death Metal and Luciferianism

Metal music and especially death metal has always been marked by society as the antichrist. This has been true in some black metal bands, because people will take their distortion singing and musical style and tag it to the devil. Death metal songs are about various topics in life, which have nothing to do with the devil. They may wright about a life experience they had. Or about love, hate or any type of emotions they might be feeling at the time.

Death Metal Categories

Here are some other sections of death metal.


A growled vocal, double bass drumming and crazy guitar riffs fits this at home with the death metal community. Bands like At the Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity have made this famous.


Technical Death Metal is a break off of progressive rock and classical music. It has its own song with lots of harmonies and melodies. The different feature you will find is their uncommon time signatures. Bands like Opeth, Edge of Sanity and Cryptosy fit into this category.

Death Doom Death Metal

Paradise Lost, Winter and My Dying Bride have brought both worlds of doom metal and death metal together, giving you a slower tempo of death metal music.

Blackened Death Metal

There isn't much more to blackened death metal, except it has more elements of black metal instead of death metal. Check out bands like Behemoth, Zyklon and Blasphemy to hear the darker sound.


This is probably the fast tempo death metal music category. They have very complex intensity and speed in their music. Circle of Death Children, Cephalic Carnage and Brujeria have kept the growling singing to stay in the death metal family.

Deathcore Death Metal

Death core is very similar to deathgrind but more elements of death metal. The style has fast drumming, guitars and growled vocals. Job for a Cowboy, Salt the Wound and Suicide Silence continue to grow this genre of death metal music.

Whats Next for Death Metal

Death metal isn't going anywhere or going to die out. It is only getting better and more popular. Some bands are getting to public radio and are connecting to a different crowd. Watch for more death metal coming to the city near you.

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