All About Black Metal Guitar Lessons

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Music is the best form of expression - of feelings as well as attitudes. Different types of music provide different expressions, so you can choose what suits you the most. Hard rock or heavy metal music takes the form of expression to various extremes. Black metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal class indulging in an extreme form of creativity and individualism, pioneered by thrash metal bands. If you think you belong to this sub-culture and want to explore further, let nothing stop you from going for black metal guitar lessons - you have a wide range of choices in the pre-recorded CD or DVD courses.

While you explore how and from where to take lessons, it will be helpful to start listening to albums of popular black metal bands and reading about evolution of the black metal subclass. This will prepare a useful ground for your future lessons. You may start either with the "first wave" bands of 1980s such as Bathory, Venom, and Hellhammer; or the "second wave" bands of early nineties: Burzum, Mayhem, Immortal and Emperor. It will be better to also listen to some thrash metal bands to understand how the black metal sub-genre evolved.

Tremolo picking is an essential skill in the genre of heavy metal music, including black metal. While you can read instructions on tremolo picking at several places, the best way to learn is through professionally designed lessons offered on CDs and DVDs.

Apart from good guitar technical skills, the key to playing good heavy metal music is in the control of the guitar instrument and guitar effects. In order to get a good solid tone from your guitar amplifier, the combination of guitar and special distortion pedals is required and tweaked to perfection.

Internet is a convenient source to explore heavy metal music and the bands. You should certainly go through the background information of the metal guitar music; it will help you understand the fine differences between the dark metal and other subclasses. But when it comes to learning, the best metal guitar lessons are confined to CDs and DVDs; be convinced of that.

Dark metal music, in particular, symbolizes freedom and demands an open and free mind - given to both experimentation and exploration. To learn black metal, you need an attitude more than anything else. Mastering this extreme form of self expression will likely open up new faculties of your mind which had remained untouched so far.

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